Blurton Community Hub is a difficult place to describe, it has lots of different uses and means something different to everyone who visits the building each week as a place to get information, volunteer, relax and play.

As a building it is a place for people in the local community to access a broad range of activities and services which help to improve the general well being of local residents living in Blurton and the surrounding areas.

The Centre also provides public access to facilities for people wishing to hold functions, meet with people who have similar interests or to use some of our open access resources such as the Community Library.

The History of Blurton Community Hub
In the 1990’s residents from the Blurton area, Community Groups and the council met to identify the need for a community centre on the Blurton Farm Estate.

They established that there was nowhere for residents to meet or a suitable place for organisations to offer activities and services to the community. The group eventually became the Blurton Community Hub Management Committee, and registered as a charity.

Blurton Community Hub is als the home of the of Blurton Farm Residents Association who have been serving the Blurton Farm Community for over 10 years.

Consultation and Planning
A consultation took place to identify the wishes and needs of the community and work began to design a building which would accommodate the needs that had been identified.

The vision was to create a dynamic and widely accessed facility that would become the hub of the community with as little impact on the environment.

Aims and Objectives
We believe strongly in the importance of a strong and vibrant community and always consider how our Community Hub can play a key role in the community as a whole.

We aim to provide a friendly, welcoming and excellent service, working towards long term sustainability, so that we can continue to benefit the residents of Blurton & its surrounding areas for many years to come.

How we run things
Blurton Community Hub is run independently by the Blurton Community Hub Management Committee and Blurton Farm residents Association, a group of local residents meet regularly to ensure the Community Hub  operates safely, effectively and to discuss issues which affect the building, the local area and local people, so that we can ensure the groups using the Centre, the  Hub team and the local community can tackle issues that arise.

Having residents involved in running the building is an important part of ensuring the Centre is led by community need enabling us to respond to needs and changes in the community quickly and with actions that will achieve positive change.